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Mirror Image provides a variety of services geared towards goals and support. Our one-on-one approach sets us apart from other providers in the industry allowing us to tailor to one's individual goals or needs. 


In partnership with Inclusa, we work on goals toward independence and support for adults. Mirror Image provides support and resources related to mental health and daily living skills.

Supervised Visitation

Providing services through MCDSS, we help maintain a parent-child relationship in a safe environment. Visitation is provided at home/community or at our supervised visitation office.

Comprehensive Community Services

​Comprehensive Community Service is a short-term program focusing on child and adult mental health. The program is a collaborative approach working with therapist, schools, social workers, and other community supports. By connecting to community-based resources and through goal-based one-on-one mentorship, we strive to help others accomplish their treatment goals.

Children's Long-Term Support

Children's Long-Term Support (CLTS) is a program helping children with disabilities reach their goals and gain independence.  This is accomplished by using a play-based approach through activities such as:

  • Arts and crafts

  • Activities in communities​

  • Activities at Mirror Image offices​​

  • Daily life skills such as cooking and laundry​

  • Peer-to-peer interactions​

  • Sensory room at the Wausau office

Family Court

Family Court Visitation are court mandated arrangements ensuring the safety and well-being of a child during interactions with a parent or guardian.

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The truancy services through Mirror Image utilize a dynamic approach through support and accountability to improve school attendance for the clients participating in services. This is accomplish through daily collaboration with schools, clients, parents and other related individuals and services.

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