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Family Court

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Our program provides a vital opportunity for children separated from their families to maintain a meaningful connection with their non-custodial parents while a permanency plan is crafted. Under the guidance of our professionally trained staff, children and parents can share quality time in a safe and nurturing environment. Our staff offers education, observation, documentation, and intervention as needed.

What We Provide

Mirror Image Supervision Services, LLC takes pride in facilitating the Supervised Visitation Program, a compassionate initiative aimed at reuniting families facing disruption. Benefits of our program include maintaining and strengthening family relationships, increasing the likelihood of reunification, assisting with the transition to reunification, providing accurate, verifiable documentation.

We prioritize confidentiality in our documentation which is based on observations prepared by our trained staff. All records are available to court personal ONLY upon request of a subpoena. We refrain from providing evaluations or making recommendations about future arrangements for parent-child access, ensuring objectivity in our observations.

Mirror Image Supervision Services is fostering positive family connections and supporting reunification with our Supervised/Monitored Visitation program.

Quality Time


The registration process involves completing the Supervised/Monitored Visitation referral form, reading and signing our policies, and submitting the intake fee. For Supervised/Monitored Visitation, there is a one-time $75/$50 non-refundable intake fee and a per-hour visitation fee of $75/$50. 

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Visitation hours are currently on Saturdays with additional times available upon request. 

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For questions to participate in Family Court Visitation, please reach out to the following contacts:

Ashley Seefeldt


​Jaime Vang


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