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The truancy services through Mirror Image utilize a dynamic approach through support and accountability to improve school attendance for the clients participating in services. This is accomplish through daily collaboration with schools, clients, parents and other related individuals and services.

What We


Client and family engagement is emphasized as a key element inbuilding positive and trusting relationships.


Provide relevant interventions based on needs of individual clientsand families in a supportive, goal orientated delivery methodfocused on improving school attendance.


Teaching and coaching parenting skills including limit setting, age-appropriate consequences and communication skills.


Situational transportation support can be provided. Mirror Imageworks to assist clients and families in setting up permanenttransportation services.


Comprehensive assessment to identify barriers to schoolattendance and overall needs of clients and families. Mirror Imagemaintains the understanding that school attendance problems arenormally the result of other core issues.


Daily support services include attendance monitoring, contactwith client/parent, home visits, school visits, mentoring andtransportation when needed.


Mirror Image strives to assist clients and families in accessingsupport services within the community to address such issues asmental health, trauma, substance abuse, family counseling andeconomic support.

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