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Mirror Image started working with the MCDSS truancy program in January of 2008. The previous year,
150 Marathon County students went through truancy court. Exactly one half (75 students) received
formal supervision and were given a social worker. Working with the county, state and local schools,
within three years out of 168 students that were referred to truancy court, only three received formal
supervision. This was achieved by working with the parents, students and school officials to find the root
of the truancy issues. Normally family issues, drugs and /or alcohol use just to name a couple.

A study was done by a New York based program to examine all of the issues and techniques to battle the
truancy issue. After several months of meeting with local schools, The United Way, and Marathon
County personnel, the study showed that the best program was that delivered by Mirror Image
Supervision Services.

Since that time Mirror Image has worked with schools, local treatment facilities and the county to bring
the services that were only able to be accessed by a student and family through truancy court are now
available in schools. Reserving truancy court for only those in most need of its services.
We are proud to say that we have and will continue to make a positive impact in the lives of students
and their families we serve.

Doing Homework
  • Daily school check-ins

  • Family Sessions

  • Support to set up counseling or other needed services outside of the school.

  • Transportation assistance for the youth and families

  • Mentoring

  • Identifying issues dealing with family, anti-social peers and anti-social thinking

  • Trauma Informed Care

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