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The Full Story


I have worked in the social service field since 1986. Starting a treatment facility working with at-risk
students as a counselor and staff trainer. My objective was always treat others with dignity and respect. Building relationships has provide me the opportunity to help countless youth and their families through some very difficult times.

In 1997, I became the director for group homes working with at-risk youth. Developing new
programming and building a bond with the communities we resided in allowed our organization to reach many more families and lower the recidivism among our youth.

Finally in 2007, I was approached to look at the truancy program throughout Marathon County. With the help of some great staff and people from the county and schools we were able to achieve remarkable results. Mirror Image then began to work with the Marathon Delinquency programs and Child Protective Services.

A short time after working with all of these programs, we were approached to look at working with
youth and adults with disabilities. Members from Northcentral Healthcare, Marathon County Social
Services and other independent agencies trusted our people with those most vulnerable in our society.

We have grown from one person working with truants in 2007 to 40 staff members working in 3
counties in central Wisconsin. All under one firm belief. “Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reasons”.

- Chris Gunderson



Mirror Image Supervision Services is committed to serving all members of our society with
compassion, dignity, respect and selfless care. We do this without judgement, prejudice or
discrimination of any kind.

The Beginning

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